Tips for choosing suitable photos to print to canvas

Tips for choosing suitable photos to print to canvas

Photos on canvas are a very popular product of ours, and encapsulating those precious moments on a beautiful quality canvas are great for gifts to others or yourself! The most important part of the design process of this product is the quality of image that we receive to print. Below are some handy do's and Dont's when supplying a photograph or picture to be printed.

DON'T - use pictures that have been saved from social media platforms or messaging apps such as WhatsApp. Whilst these images may well look ok in smaller format such as on a screen, the issue arises when they are expanded to up to 20/30 times their original size. Such places compress the image and make them much smaller than the original to save space, in doing so they dramatically reduce the quality of the image.

DO - use "from source images" this means that you are using the high quality image that you have taken on your phone, or camera - the original. With technology advances these days, even mobile phones now produce high quality images!

When saving images, PDF format or PNG are usually considered far better quality, so these are recommended. JPG's have the habit of being compressed, and as such lose much of their quality when saved.

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